Students become the teacher

Loudon Stearns

Hey everyone, so the first semester of Composing and Producing Electronic music is at an end, it is sad, I will miss all the wonderful students that I worked with this semester. In reviewing the semester I was reminded about how much the students shared their knowledge. It made me realize that one of the most amazing thing about these courses is the community we build; the relationships between students are just as important as the relationships between student and teacher. In fact I often felt that the terms “student” and “teacher” didn’t really apply, it felt like we were all studying together! Here are some youtube videos that my students made during the semester. I think it is pretty remarkable that my students are sharing with the world, giving back to the grand reservoir of knowledge that we all drink from.

This is a pretty crazy Live technique that you need to check out for that Skrillex style quick edited synth sound.

This is an amazing series on creating a DJ mix, I learned so much from watching it.

A big thank you to all my students!

Have Fun. Make Music.


Loudon Stearns
Loudon Stearns

I am a professor, laptop performer, composer, bassist, and instillation artist.