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Loudon Stearns

I am a huge fan of Soundcloud, a great way to backup, collaborate, market, and comment on sound. With the recent Ableton Live update when making the final bounce you can choose to upload it directly to Souncloud. A great feature for sure, but still in the starting stages.

Here is how it works:

From the Export Audio/Video window you can now choose to upload to Soundcloud when the render is complete.


Unfortunately the Soundcloud export option is disabled when choosing to render All Tracks. I hope this is changed in the future, would be really handy to upload all the stems in one pass.


Once the render is complete a separate SoundCloud uploader application opens.


Works as expected with standard options including privacy,license, sharing, tags, name, and picture. There are no options to add to a set or group, again hopefully that will come in future updates.

So, I am really pleased with this addition, I think it is a great step forward and in line with all the trends in pervasive computing and social networking.

If you want to check your render before uploading(and you should) you can go into your file system and play it there before completing the Soundcloud upload, I think a simple playback should be part of the SC uploader though, again maybe in a future update.

Oh, and watch out, Live is now installed in a new place. It is now directly in your Applications folder and called “Ableton Live 8″, so any of your dock icons will open the old version till you change them out!

Loudon Stearns
Loudon Stearns

I am a professor, laptop performer, composer, bassist, and instillation artist.