Guitar Woodshed: Acoustic Guitar Finger Picking

Mark Hopkins

Howdy Folks,

This blog is all about what is currently going on in my guitar life (most of the time).  Today’s discussion is a technique that I learned 3-4 years ago, but has recently cropped back up into some songs I am currently writing. It’s a technique that I found very challenging at the time I was shedding on it and I think a lot of you can have some fun with this lesson!

I hope you have fun working on these finger picking exercises! Remember to stay loose and fluid while practicing. Tensing up can ruin your time and flow which are two very important things in this style.


Until next time, it’s back to the shed I go!


Your pal,


Mark Hopkins
Mark Hopkins

Mark Hopkins is an Academic Advisor at Berklee Online. He finished his studies at Berklee College of Music, as a Guitarist/Songwriting Major, in 2009. Mark is a regular gigging musician who has toured extensively and released six albums in the past 10 years. You can hear some of Mark's music at

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  1. This was seriously helpful! It’s nice to see the video. Thanks Man!