Music Business 101: Updates for Fall 2014

Kayley Kravitz

Music Business 101 is one of our most popular courses. Featuring lessons that are applicable to musicians, producers, and industry professionals alike, instructor John Kellogg’s unique approach ensures that the course stays relevant. Here are some things that students can expect to see in the syllabus for fall 2014:

  • The latest information on current issues confronting the evolving state of the music industry
  • Exciting and informative video lecture segments and industry leader interviews
  • New text book: Take Care of Your Music Business, 2nd Edition: Taking the Legal and Business Aspects You Need to Know to 3.0 by John P. Kellogg, Esq.
  • New lesson on “the live show,” a driving force in today’s music industry
  • Updates on the effects of the emerging digital age on the music industry
  • New lesson on the types of business entities you should consider to conduct your business under
  • A Q&A section that covers some of the most frequently asked music business questions

Spaces for the fall 2014 term are quickly filling up! Enroll now.

Kayley Kravitz
Kayley Kravitz

Kayley is the Marketing Writer and Social Media Coordinator at Berklee Online. When she's not editing this blog, updating our social media channels, or writing marketing copy, she can be found spinning forgotten Britpop singles in Kendall Square.